Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flat Rock Tailgate Market News - April 26, 2012

Flat Rock Tailgate Market
Thursday, April 26th
3 to 6 p.m.
Grand Opening to be held
Thursday, May 3rd
Camp Creek Farm:
Trout, eggs, lamb Red Ranger chicken (whole processed birds) and eggs.
Deerwood Nursery & Farms: 
Fresh (not frozen) chickens, pork (bratwurst, sausage, pork chops, tenderloin, etc.), lamb (chops, leg of lamb, sausage, etc.).
Ma Belle France:
Five kinds of soups, four kiknds of quiches (small and medium sizes), and two kinds of pastries (fruit tart and my infamous Reine de Saba (chocolate/almond cake).
Holly Spring Farm and Nursery:
Fresh asparagus, spinach, arugula, green onions, lettuce, radishes, and a natural green, Lamb's Quarters,(as good as spinach).
Three Arrows Cattle Farm:  
All cuts of pasture raised beef.
Good Things Grow Here:
Lettuce and Asian confetti mixes, mild radishes, spring onions, cabbage and eggs..
Three Graces Dairy:
A large array of fresh goat cheese including the very popular season RAMPS! flavor.  Threre will also be assorted raw milk hard cheeses.
Highlander Farm:  Fresh eggs, lamb and chicken.
High Valley Farm and Greenhouses:  Small salad turnips, fresh pulled hite turnips with greens, spring onions, bagged lettuce, a limited amount of snap peas.  Plants to sell:  salad bowls, heirloom tomatoes, cool season vegetables.
Flat Rock Bakery:  All your favorite breads, pastries, cakes and cookies.
Shepherds Flock Farm:  Asparagua, ruhbarb, sweet lettuce and collards, strawberry rhubarb pies, featuring mango and mango jalapeno jam and taking orders for strawberries.

Come one, come all and
tell your friends and neighbors!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Flat Rock Tailgate Market News - April 19, 2012

Flat Rock Tailgate Market

To Reopen

Thursday, April 19th

3 to 6 p.m.

Grand Opening to be held

Thursday, May 3rd

The Flat Rock Tailgate Market will reopen on April 19th which is two weeks earlier than planned due to an early spring! We think you'll be pleasantly surprised as to what you'll find this week!

Sweet Monkey Bakery:

Bagels (including whole wheat), twist breads, cinnamon roll twist breat and fruit strudel.

Camp Creek Farm (new vendor):

Fresh farm trout, eggs, lamb and greens.

Deerwood Nursery & Farms:

Pork, eggs, poultry and early vegetables.

Ma Belle France:

French pastries and soups.

Holly Spring Farm and Nursery:

Asparagus and perhaps some lettuces.

Three Arrows Cattle Farm:

Various cuts of pasture raised beef.

Good Things Grow Here:

Will have early produce.
Three Graces Dairy (new vendor):
A yummy assortment of cows, goats and sheep milks cheeses.
Laurel Springs Nursery: Native plants ready for spring planting!
Highlander Farm: Fresh eggs, lamb and chicken.
High Valley Farm and Greenhouses (new vendor): Collard greens, radishes, lettuce mix, scallions and eggs.
Flat Rock Bakery: All your favorite breads, pastries, cakes and cookies.

Come one, come all and

tell your friends and neighbors!!


Eat Fresh

See you at the Market!

Buy Local

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Flat Rock Tailgate Market News - December 10, 2011

Flat Rock Tailgate Market
To Hold Annual Christmas Market

The Flat Rock’s Tailgate Market is offering a very Special Annual Christmas Market to be held on Saturday, December 10th from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. in the area in front of Hubba Hubba Smokehouse and behind Hand in Hand Gallery along Little Rainbow Row in downtown Flat Rock (on Highway 225,Greenville Highway). This seasonal event will be free and open to the public.

Come warm your hands by the fire and enjoy some seasonal music while shopping at this festive event featuring many of the usual vendors of the Flat Rock Tailgate Market with a few new surprise additions. Just some of the items you will find to help with your Christmas shopping and enjoyment are hand spun wool scarves, jams and jellies; locally grown Christmas trees, wreaths, greens and cypress garlands; goat and cow cheese; all cuts of pasture raised Angus beef; organic chicken and eggs; lamb; pork; granola; winter squash and greens; fresh and pickled peppers; fresh and dried shiitake mushrooms; wild mushroom soup starter; mushroom logs for gift giving
and "Shiitake Happens" tee shirts; dried Henderson County Pink Lady apples; holiday hard candy; handmade furniture; herb baskets; baked goods including cookies, Christmas breads, pies and tarts; and special holiday Greek food offerings.

The Flat Rock Tailgate Market is sponsored by the Flat Rock Merchants Association. For more information about the Christmas Market, please call 828-697-7719.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Flat Rock Tailgate Market News - October 20, 2011

Fall has definitely arrived and with it brings our next to last market. Come out this week and next week so you don't miss out on local fresh produce. Also find out how you can continue to eat local produce all winter long by using a local CSA.

Deep Woods Mushrooms:
I will have a limited amount of fresh shiitakes, lots of dried shiitakes, so stock up for winter. I'll also (hopefully) have wild mushrooms (if I have time to get out in the woods).

Holly Spring Farm & Nursery:
Despite the cooler weather, we still have lots of tomatoes. We'll also have beets, carrots, eggplant, peppers, lettuce, Swiss chard and winter squashes.

Good Things Grow Here:
This week I will have lots of potatoes, seasonal greens, lettuce, eggplant, and eggs.

Deerwood Nursery & Farms:
A sudden drop in the temperatures this week reminds us it is fall rather than summer. I was glad I roasted two chickens. Granddad's chicken salad with grapes will make one meal and Mexican chicken soup will make another one. Wasn't that easy? (Stop by if you need recipes for these easy meals.) If you have football games in your schedule, you may want to pick up some ribs or Italian sausage for easy grilling. We have fresh and frozen chickens as well as ten different pork cuts. There is definitely something for everyone's table. While the tailgate market has been wonderful, keep in mind you can continue to get Deerwood chicken and pork even after the market ends. Stop by our booth to pick up contact information. We look forward to seeing you Thursday!! Rick and Karen JordanDeerwood Nursery and Farms

Marvelous Pies:
This week we will have an assortment of our holiday favorites. Pumpkin pies, apple pies, sweet potato pies and bar cookies. Email us if you need a whole cake for $25, triple chocolate, flourless, gluten free chocolate and red velvet are available to pick up on Thursday IF pre-ordered.

Carolina Herb Farm:
I will have cut lettuce by the bag, lettuce baskets, and some herbs.

Shepherds' Flock Farm:
Howdy, everyone from Shepherds' Flock Farm. This thursday I have two new jellies for you to try; Poor Man's Honey, and Strawberry, Pineapple Jalapeno. I have also added Mango recently, and Fire n Ice. I will also be bringing apples. I am taking pre-paid orders for our last week festival on apples. I hope you will come and see us. The weather will be great. Still running my jelly special buy 5 and get one free. See ya Thursday!!!!!!! And, as usual, there'll beLOTS more!

Winter Sun CSA:
Coming to the market this week with information and an opportunity to sign up for local food all winter long. Winter Sun Farms is a CSA program of Blue Ridge Food Ventures that takes fresh produce from local, sustainable farms and then preps, packages, and freezes it until winter. CSA members receive 7-8 packages of these frozen fruits and veggies each month from December through March. WSF butternut squash puree becomes a quick soup or dip; edamame from Jake's Farm just need to be heated and salted; frozen diced tomatoes, green beans and bell peppers make a quick minestrone, etc. At each pick-up other local products are also offered such as eggs, pasture-raised meats, wild caught salmon, fish cakes, tempeh from local soybeans and other great BRFV products.

Don't Forget These Upcoming Events:

Thursday, October 27 (last market day)
Harvest Festival - Halloween festivities and lots of free samples!!

Saturday, December 10 from 2 - 5pm
Christmas front of Hubba for posters and flyers!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Arts at Sunburst Hollow Studios - October 29, 2011

Fall Arts at Sunburst Hollow Studios, a one day arts event will take place on Saturday, October 29, 2011 from 10AM to 4PM at the home and studios of David and Molly Sharp Voorhees in Zirconia, NC. Several invited friends will participate with artwork, native plants and prepared food. A wide range of artwork will be on exhibit and offered for sale including pottery, jewelry, stained glass and watercolor, pastel and oil paintings, handmade books and textile arts. Gourmet lunch will be available at Sunburst Hollow Café.

This is a free outdoor, garden style event and is open to the public with a rain date of Sunday, October 30th.

Sunburst Hollow is the home and studios of potter David Voorhees and jeweler Molly Sharp Voorhees, owners of Hand in Hand Gallery. David will have a broad assortment of his pottery available including the results of a wood firing completed just days before the event. He will also have raku fired vessels and under-glaze painted porcelain. Molly will be showing new creations in silver and found objects, with a focus on natural beach pebbles from around the world. David and Molly’s studios will be open for tours. Other invited artists include Jane Voorhees with original watercolors and pastels, prints, cards and handmade books; Susan Voorhees with original pastel and oil paintings and cards; Cheryl Stippich
with one-of-a-kind stained glass and precious metal clay and glass bead jewelry; Chad Alice Hagen with handmade books, and hand felted brooches and scarves; and Kathy Skomsky with hand dyed clothing.

Wes Burlingame’s Laurel Springs Nursery will be offering native shrubs and trees for fall planting.

Sunburst Hollow Café will feature lunch offerings of Japanese curry and sushi by Shoko Steslicke and desserts.

Sunburst Hollow Studios are located at 2212 Green River Rd., Zirconia, NC, two miles from US 25, Exit 3, driveway is on right, marked with signs. Parking will be facilitated by attendants. This is a limited handicap accessible site. Light refreshments. For more info and map call or visit Hand in Hand Gallery, 2720 Greenville Hwy., Flat Rock, NC 28731, 828 697-7719, . Or, you may contact David or Molly at 698-8775 or via email:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Flat Rock Tailgate Market News - July 21, 2011


 Thursday, July 21st

 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.



The Bounty Is In!!


And welcome to two new vendors: 

Mike Christensen with local honey and Amy Johnson with gourmet tea blends, toffee and salts.


Good Things Grow Here -  Richard will have kale, red white and blue Yukon gold and Swedish peanut potatoes, green leaf lettuce, onions, garlic, green beans, eggs and possibly more.
Hill's Plant Farm - Sweet Corn, Kohlrabi, Cherry Tomatoes & Fresh Cut Flowers.
Marvelous Pies - Thank you to all of our wonerful customers!  With the purchases of Blueberry Pies, we are supporting our sponsored blueberry farm, Arrowhead Acres, for this year!  We have already purchased close to 50 gallons of berries.  From the kitchens of MARVELOUS PIES this week we will bring more freshly baked AND frozen blueberry, peach & blueberry/peach mixed pies.  Think ahead for gatherings, birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  All the frozen pies will stay fresh frozen through the end of this year.
Ma Belle France - I will have my usual Quiches (5 kinds) and Soups, as well as Ratatouille.  As for pastries I will have my usual Reine de Saba (chocolate/almond cake) … out of this world!  And some Fruit Tarts.  And I will have my delicious Triple Berry Sorbet, perfect for a hot summer afternoon.


Cane Creek Valley Farm - We have USDA Certified Organic green beans coming in right now on the farm and we would like to make them available for those of you that like to put some up for the winter by canning or freezing them...3/4 bushels wooden crates for $28...just send us an e-mail indicating how many you want and we will bring them to the Flat Rock Tailgate Market for you this Thursday!  E-mail:

Holly Spring Farm and Nursery Paul and Simone report that this week they'll have a large selection of tomatoes, including gourmet salad tomatoes, red-ripe tasty Early Girls, and their wonderful heirlooms.  They'll also have beans, cucumbers, squash and, new this week, eggplants.

Ann and Hoyt Jones with their fabulous local PEACHES!

 Old Rose Treasures Farm - Frank will have antique roses, beets, hardneck garlic and free range eggs.


Three Arrows Cattle Farm - Wells will have ground beef, patties, chuck shoulder, rump and sirloin tip roasts, cube steak, stew beef, short ribs, soup bones and liver.

Deep Woods Mushrooms - I will have shiitakes and chanterelles and milky caps, shiitake mushroom logs with growing instructions as well as AMC cookbooks and "Shiitake Happens" T shirts.

 Shepherds’ Flock Farm - We will have more good peaches, along with squash, lemon cucumbers and zucchini.  I will also have my whole wheat biscuits and all my jellies and jams.  Honey will also be coming in about two to three weeks.  My e-mail is  Hope you will come and see us.  We really appreciate everyone who comes and buys our goodies, and a big thank you to our volunteers.

Laurel Springs Nursery - This week we will have perennials and groundcovers for your summer garden.  Garden phloxes, black eyed susans, native sunflowers, green and gold and more.  Plus summer blooming shrubs like limelight hydrangeas, big leaf hydrangeas, and St. Johns wort, and edible plants like blueberries, figs and grapes. 
Let's not forget: 
Cheeses, seafood, all those baked goods and prepared Greek foods.
Eat fresh. Eat Local.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flat Rock Tailgate Market News - June 23, 2011


 Thursday, June 23

 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Trickle Creek Farm with BLACKBERRIES!  Don't miss lucsious beauties as they have a very short season!

Deep Woods Mushrooms - Greg has fresh shiitakes and wild mushrooms...chickens (that's a mushroom) and CHANTERELLES!!
Shepherds' Flock Farm - At Shepherds' Flock Farm we will once again have peaches, and lots of jams. Strawberry Margaritta, Peach, Peach w/rum, peach w/ almond, and so many more flavors. Hope you will come and see us Thursday at the market. A special thank you to all the volunteers from our family
Kay Farm:  New potatoes, both red and white, LOADS OF RASPBERRIES, two varieties of zucchini, onions, red leaf lettuce, cabbage.
Three Arrows Farm & Cattle Company - This week we will have ribeye steak, ground beef, hamburger patties, stew beef, cube steak, chuck, rump, round and shoulder roast, short ribs, soup bones and liver.
Good Things Grow Here - Lots of Kennebec and Red Pontiac potatoes, Summer Squash. Snap beans, Italian wide beans and eggs.
Mollie LeBude:  We'll also have shiitake mushrooms!  Pictured are our volunteers Shoko, Phyllis, and Mike inoculating logs last year.  We'll have collards and kale, and more beautiful cut flower arrangements.

Ma Belle France - Soups: Chilled cucumber-mint soup, chilled carrot-pineapple soup, asparagus soup, mushroom soup, ratatouille, and (maybe) gazpacho

Quiches: mushroom quiche, tomato-goat cheese quiche, spinach-feta quiche, quiche Lorraine

Pastries: Reine de Saba (chocolate-almond cake … just the best in the world!), Peach-almond tart, Kiwi tart

Pissaladiere (specialty from Nice, France – onion-anchovy-olive-herbs deliciously baked on a puff pastry).

Laurel Spring Nursery:  This week laurel springs will have plants for the edible landscape including strawberries, ripening blueberries, grapes, persimmon, and paw paws.  We will also have beautiful summer flowering perennials for our pollinators, echinacea, liatris, crocosmia, phloxes, and more. 

Holly Spring Farm & Nursery - Paul and Simone.  We'll have lettuce, new potatoes, Asian greens, Swiss chard, collards, curly Kale, and new this week, sweet and tender red beets, as well as our early blueberries.  See you at market.

Marvelous Pies:  We will have peach pies, strawberry pies, chess pies & truffles. Chocolate cake & chocolate dipped rice krispie treats. See you Thursday!

Jennifer Perkins of Looking Glass Creamry:  If people want to visit the farm since we are usually not open to the public they can do so on the ASAP family farm tour this weekend which runs 1-6pm on Saturday and Sunday.  There are 41 farms on the tour this year and they do have to buy a pass for a carload of people to visit the farms on the tour.

Cane Creek Organics:  Cane Creek Organics 2nd Annual Farm Day!!
It's Farm Day Time - next Saturday, June 25th - Buy Your Tickets Now!!  (Only 4 days left!)
Live Music by Garry and Catfish Joe, Farm Fresh BBQ and sides dinner, Hayride Farm Tour, Inflatable 401 slides, FacePainting, Games, Petting Zoo and MORE!  All incuded with each ticket:  $15 adults, $5 kids (must purchase byJune 23 - have to be ready to cook it all!).  Saturday, June 25 from 4 - 9pm.  We need you to come and bring some friends!  Great relaxing evening for the entire family on the farm overlooking Cane Creek Valley! Buy Tickets - At the Flat Rock Tailgate Market or Just Click on this Link : 
Sundance Power Systems:  Kelley will be representing this amazing and worthwhile company this week at the market.  She says:  "Have you wondered how solar energy works or how it could benefit you?  Would you like to learn about current financial incentives?   Sundance has been a trusted solar partner since 1995 by designing and installing high performing solar hot water and solar electric systems for both residential and commercial applications.   We invite you to see how you too can save with solar!"

Other Market Favorites:  Papous Greek prepared foods, grass fed Lamb, chicken, bagels, flowers, goat and cow cheeses, shrimp and fish, herbs, artisan breads & baked Goods.< /span>


Eat Fresh!  Eat Local!
See you at the Market!